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Where Are You?

Our bestselling search-and-find adventure


A personalised search-and-find extravaganza, where you’re looking for… yourself! The first in the Where Are You collection, children will love exploring 6 alternative universes, spotting different versions of themselves – along with oodles of other fun challenges.

Recommended for ages 4 to 10
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$59.99 NZD

"A wonderful experience for my daughter. I'm so happy to see her so immensely happy and delighting in all the options for her future. Truly the best gift I've ever given her!" - Kat

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"Such a wonderfully enjoyable experience both for kids and adults alike. It is so special for a child to see their name unfold in the book in such a creative and adventurous way! A terrific gift."
Written by Monika
gif of different characters for way book

Choose from over 750 different adventurers

From braids to curls, and dark skin to light, bring your little character to life by choosing from a range of natural skin tones and hairstyles. Every character is hand-drawn by bestselling illustrator Marija Tiurina.

example of open page of way book

Deliciously detailed search-and-find

Full of impossible personalisation, vibrant colour and curious characters, and packed with visual jokes galore, kids will come back again and again. By finding different versions of themselves in alternative universes, they also learn they have infinite potential!

three personalised way books

Collect the whole set of adventures

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