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How do you personalize this printable coloring Christmas card?

Add your child’s name and character, as well as the name of the person they love MORE than Christmas. We sprinkle a bit of festive magic and ta-da! A personalized Christmas card, just for them.

How do I get my free download?

Just tell us your email address, and we’ll send your Christmas card as a PDF. All you need to do is print the PDF, and then the magic happens! Put on some festive tunes, gather your child’s pens and pencils, and get coloring!

What if I don't have a color printer?

Good news: you don't need one! We'll send your Christmas cards in black & white and color, so you can choose how you want to print.

Is it based on a Wonderbly book?

Oh yes! Our printable coloring Christmas cards have been designed by Wonderbly illustrators, based on some of our bestselling children's books. This Christmas card is inspired by Kate Alizadeh’s terrific illustrations in I Love You More Than Christmas.

Will I get more emails from Wonderbly?

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