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The Birthday Thief

A thrilling birthday adventure


A stupendously personalized birthday story, that magically changes based on your child’s birth date. Huzzah!

Recommended for ages 3-10
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$39.99 USD

“Excellent concept! The lesson is for all ages, ‘It’s everything you learn and do in the days between that matters.’ I like that.” - Alison

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"...the moment I saw the book in my hands I understood how much love you invest in your product. Congratulations to everyone who worked on making The Birthday Thief!"
Written by Julia
The Birthday Thief Book - Product Description about the character being surrounded by a room full of presents and cake with his name printed on a hanging banner

Their name, their birthday adventure

Your little one will be utterly astonished when they start reading their birthday story – and discover that it’s all about them!

The Birthday Thief Book - Product Description about a personalised card which has your birth months and the characters of that birth date.

A book based on their birth date

Every story is unique, with a curious cast of characters personalized to your child’s birthday. So little ones born in June will encounter his royal highness, Lord June. While September children will meet Sir September. And that’s just the beginning…

The Birthday Thief Book - Product Description about the range of different diverse character you can select to represent the child you are gifting for

Pick a fabulous protagonist

Put them at the center of their birthday quest by choosing the beautifully-illustrated character that most looks like them.



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