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The best books for dads

Personalised books to make him claim he’s “got something in his eye”.

Daddy's Magic Hugs for You
A cuddly story full of love
Age 0 - 6
From $59.99 NZD
You Are The Best Dad Ever
A tribute to his awesomeness
From $59.99 NZD
I Love Daddy This Much
Show Dad just how loved he is
Age 0 - 4
From $59.99 NZD
My Daddy The Superhero
Make a super-dad feel super-special
Age 3 - 8
From $59.99 NZD
Thank You, Daddy
Say thank you for everything he does
Age 0 - 5
From $59.99 NZD
What Does Your Daddy Do All Day?
For fun-filled storytimes with Daddy
Age 3 - 6
From $59.99 NZD
Our 12 Days of Christmas
Festive fun for all the family
Age 0 - 8
From $59.99 NZD
Where Are You? Grown-up Edition
Search-and-find for adults
From $59.99 NZD
The Book of Everyone Dad
The ultimate celebration of your dad
From $59.99 NZD
My Legendary Daddy
A hilarious tale for epic dads
Age 2 - 6
From $59.99 NZD
Personalised Survival Guide for New Parents
Give them a good giggle
From $59.99 NZD
Personalised Survival Guide for New Dads
Give him a laugh (and some top tips)
From $59.99 NZD
Poems for You: Birthday Edition
Personalised poetry anthology for birthdays
From $59.99 NZD
Grandpa, Mummy/Daddy and Me
A celebration of three generations
Age 1 - 7
From $59.99 NZD
Survival Guide For Your Forties Male Edition
Show him he has nothing to fear from his forties
From $59.99 NZD
We Love Daddy-O-Saurus
A stomping, roaring, dino-sized hullaballoo
Age 0 - 6
From $59.99 NZD
Family Hero Dad
For our favourite capeless crusader
From $59.99 NZD
Where Are You? Dad Edition
Celebrating Dad with a mission across the multiverse
Age 4 - 10
From $59.99 NZD

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