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A feeling like no other.

We make people feel incredibly special with the world’s best personalized books

Wonderbly [wun-der-blee]
There’s fierce debate about the origin of the word. Some say it came from ‘impossibly wonderful’, others say ‘irresistibly combustible’. We say it’s a reminder that we should always write things down.
illustrations of the process of creating a Wonderbly book

Made with a spark of magic

In our studio, we blend creativity and technology. Award-winning authors, illustrators and software engineers spend hundreds of hours crafting each story.

We believe everything begins with...

green circle with the word curiosity inside

Asking the big questions

yellow shape with the word kidness inside

Treating each other well

pink circle with the word courage inside

Always being bold

Like the sound of that?

We work from our light-filled studio in Bloomsbury, London – the heart of publishing.
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