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I'm a Name-O-Saurus

A stomping, romping dinosaur adventure

Rated 4.9out of 5

Stomp, romp and roar with the dinosaurs! Take a child on their very own adventure to Dino Land, where they get to be a pterodactyl, a velociraptor, a triceratops, a diplodocus, and a T-Rex. But most of all, they’ll learn how fantastic it is to simply be themselves.

Best for ages 2 to 5
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$39.99 USD
Rated 4.9 out of 5
Rated 4.9out of 5

"Rudy absolutely loves his book! We have to read it every night!" – Cara

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"Edie absolutely loved it. She's asked for it every night, which she only does with her most favorite book. Her voice is sore from roaring so much!"
Written by Hannah
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Rated 5out of 5
Rated 5out of 5

Rudy absolutely loves his dinosaur book! He particularly loved that his name became each dinosaur at the beginning of each page and laughed when I read it in a loud voice!

Rated 5out of 5

Rosie loved her name being in the story and yelled delightedly every time it came along. She was super excited by the whole thing, bounding around our living room yelling and stomping!

Rated 5out of 5

Lily loves her dinosaur book and insists on reading it twice each time. She likes to roar when she’s each different dinosaur.

Rated 5out of 5

He has asked for it daily since we got it! (Which is no mean feat as he has hundreds of books!) We loved all the dinosaur names, and he laughed at them having his name in.

Rated 5out of 5

Edie absolutely loved it. She's asked for it every night, which she only does with her most favourite book. Her voice is sore from roaring so much!

Rated 5out of 5

Rory loved the colours and how bright the dinosaurs were drawn. The last page brought him much pleasure because he was excited by the mayhem of all the darting and galloping and roaring.

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